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LiveJournal for Sean.

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Saturday, June 10th, 2006

Time:1:39 am.
For old time sake
Bored? ((Over 100 questions))
[x] Part 1 -- The Basics [x]
What's your name? :::Sean
Birthplace :::Philly
Age :::19
Age you act :::45
Current location :::Maple Shade
Eye color :::blue
Hair color :::brown
Right, lefty or ambidextrous? :::left
Zodiac sign? :::scorpio
Height? :::6'4
[x] Part 2 -- Describe... [x]
Your heritage/nationality :::irish
Your hair :::fluffy
Your fears :::spiders
Your perfect room :::my bedroom?
What you practically do in a day :::sit around
[x] Part 3 -- What is/are... [x]
Words you overuse :::tr00
Phrases you overuse :::tr00
Your first thought when you wake up :::tr00
Your greatest accomplishment :::tr00
Something you want to do :::tr00
[x] Part 4 -- This or that [x]
Pepsi or Coke :::water!
McDonald's or Burger Kings :::BK
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera :::Christina, Beautiful rocks
Chocolate or vanilla :::cant decide
Adidas or Nike :::nike
Black or white :::black
Bills or Coins ((Think $$$)) :::bills...
Burgers or hot dogs :::burger
Egypt or France :::egypt
Rock or rap :::rock
[x] Part 5 -- Do you...[x]
Smoke :::no
Cuss :::yes
Sing well :::no
Sing in the shower :::yes
Talk to yourself --a lot-- :::yes
Believe in yourself :::yes
Like taking these longass surveys? :::no
Play an instrument :::yes
Want to go to college? :::no
Want to get married? :::YES
Want to have children? :::yes
Think you're a health freak? :::no
Get along with your parents :::yes
Get along with your siblings? :::yes
Think you're popular :::dumb question
[x] Part 6 -- In the past month have you..[x]
Gone out of state :::yes
Drank alchohal :::yes
Smoke :::yes...sadly
Get high :::no
Done any drugs :::no
Eaten an entire box of oreos :::no
Been on stage :::yes
Gone skinny dipping :::no
Been dumped :::no
Dyed your hair :::no
Stolen anything :::no
[x] Part 7 -- Your friends! =D [x]
Craziest :::Devin Townsend
Loudest :::LOUD NOISES
Most shy :::me
Blondest :::lisa michalczyk?
Smartest :::kjl
Kindest :::jklkj
Best personality :::all of 'em
Most talented :::I dunno
Best singer :::Steven Wilson
Most ghetto :::Debbie
Drama Queen ((or King XP)) :::?????
Pain in the ass :::if i said they wouldnt be my friend anymore, really dont have one anyway
The one you just want to strangle to death ((Homer Simpson style)):::?
Funniest :::andy
Best person for advice :::all of 'em
Dependable :::all of 'em
Trustworthy :::all of 'em
Druggie :::all of 'em
Most likely to end up in jail :::all of 'em
Person you've known the longest :::Greg
[x] Part 8 -- The Last... [x]
Last dream :::two nights ago
Last nightmare :::?
Car ride :::yesterday
Last time you cried :::dunno
Last movie seen :::hostel?
Last movie rented :::?
Last book read :::?
Last word said :::"lol"
Last curse word said :::"shoot"
Last time you laugh :::earlier reading my old LJ entries
Last phone call :::tonight
Last CD played :::katatonia
Last song you listened to :::deadhouse - katatonia
Last annoyance :::guys who wanted lunch meat at 8:55
Last IM :::debbie
Last weird encounter :::in my dream two nights ago!
Last person you hugged :::probably my mom haha
Last person you yelled at :::
Last time you wore a skirt :::last night
Last time you've been evil :::every night
Sarcastic? :::the last sarcastic?
Last time you fought with your parents :::never!
Last time you wished upon a star :::2nite lolz
Played Truth or Dare :::grade school?
Spent quality time alone :::too much
[x] Part 9 -- I swear this is the last one! -- Randomness [x]
Are you talking to someone on AIM :::yes
Do you feel lonely :::yes
Ever TP'd someone's house :::no
How about egging someone's house :::no
Do you not like dislike not like me? :::yes
Ain't Eminem and 50 Cent just fine? :::yes
Yo Momma :::?
Ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat the person next to you? :::THAT'S SILLY LOL
What do you think of George Bush? :::he's the smartest man alive
Any secret fetishes? :::no
Do you like to wear chains? O_o :::no
How many languages do you speak? :::1
Damn.. are your fingers tired? Cause mine sure are! :::no
Glad this is over? ((Say yes and I'll stalk you =P)) :::no
Take this survey | Find more surveys
You've been totally Bzoink*d
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Time:1:00 am.
Wow this thing is embarrassing. Anyone still out there?
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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Subject:Who wants to go to New York with me?
Time:1:13 am.
Reunited Norwegian black metal legends EMPEROR have announced the following U.S. dates in July 2006:

Jul. 14 - BB Kings Blues Club - New York, NY
Jul. 16 - Key Club - Los Angeles, CA

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Saturday, August 6th, 2005

Subject:BLOODBATH live!
Time:1:38 am.

Bless you Mikael Akerfeldt.
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Saturday, July 16th, 2005

Subject:STUPID DREAM on Amazon for 12bucks! New!
Time:5:40 pm.
I know a have a few PT fans on here, especially aebon.


Stupid Dream for 12 bucks, this album has been long out of print and it goes for 80bucks on eBay. Get it.

Your welcome.
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Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

Time:1:42 am.
Sounds of the Underground was Sunday. Fun was had, for the most part. Going alone sucked but it was worth it to see SYL, Gwar and Opeth. I got GWAR blood allll over me. Every other band I saw sucked. I wanted to see Lamb of God but they weren't worth sititng through 3 shitty bands for, I met them anyway and they signed my ticket. Devin signed Terria and all of SYL signed the SYL booklet, All of Opeth signed an Opeth sticker I bought and I finished my BWP booklet with the Martins and Per. I took good pics that I'm so proud of that I want to post here.
Pictures here, 56k warning theres a lot.Collapse )
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Thursday, June 16th, 2005

Subject:oooooo boy
Time:8:07 pm.

Ghost of perdition
The baying of the hounds
Beneath the mire
Reverie/Harlequin forest
Hours of wealth
The grand conjuration
Isolation years

New Opeth Album cover and tracklist. I'll be seeing them in 10 days and they'll be playing new shit. Can I get an AMEN?!
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Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

Subject:Nobody told me to do it but I am
Time:6:43 pm.
Mood: hot.
This is too hard.
List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

Songs: (In no order)
1. A Perfect Circle - Orestes
2. Devin Townsend - Deadhead
3. Steve Vai - Touching Tongues
4. Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons
5. Emperor - With Strength I Burn
6. Porcupine Tree - A Smart Kid (this thing should really be 6 PT songs, I chose one)

6 People:
This is stupid, anybody who reads and wants to do it.

I give up, i'm thinking too hard and this is what I got.
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Saturday, May 28th, 2005

Time:2:41 am.
Mood: bored.

New DT has leaked. I like this song and the rest of the album is growing on me everytime i listen, theyve actually progressed with their sound!!!

Jammed with Mr Heavyfoot, good times hopefully we'll do that show in June

Why did I update? Oh cause i'm bored
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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005

Subject:The Tree
Time:12:35 am.
Tonight Porcupine Tree came to the troc and it was the greatest show ever. Steven and the rest of the band were fucking amazing. The only disappointment is the lights were horrible, where are the psychedelic groovy lights? Especially during Burning sky. But good lighting or not it was really something. Seeing A Smart Kid live probably the best moment of my life and then followed up by Hatesong? Wow, no problem. I sang along every word with Steven, I wish I was still there...I could listen to this band forever..

My legs hurt!!!!!!! Jubilee tomorrow, everybody's working its gonna be a blast then SRdub.

For some reason outside in the cold my ears are freezing! Yesterday they were all warm...I don't get it!

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Thursday, May 19th, 2005

Subject:Can't sleep.
Time:4:16 am.

I have work in two hours I just woke up after sitting in my bed for 2 hours. Thank god all my pals are night owls.

how \m/

Atleast I can relax and eat a wholesome breakfast when I usually rush at 5:50.

Your welcome
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Sunday, May 8th, 2005

Subject:gun down a school or blow up a car, the media circus will make you a star
Time:5:40 pm.
Mood: bored.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


bored as hell.
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Subject:Ain't nobody like 'em!
Time:12:44 pm.
So Friday night me and my peeps were eating in Friendly's, I got an amazing burger and a free happy ending with it. Anyway I look over and see this guy's jacket and instantly snap a pic.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Time:1:19 pm.
I got a A on my 15 page paper that I did in 3 days. Genius, I Am.
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Monday, May 2nd, 2005

Time:3:41 pm.

Your Taste in Music:

Heavy Metal: Highest Influence
Progressive Rock: High Influence
90's Hip Hop: Medium Influence
Classic Rock: Medium Influence
Hair Bands: Medium Influence
80's Pop: Low Influence
80's Rock: Low Influence
90's R&B: Low Influence
Alternative Rock: Low Influence
Gangsta Rap: Low Influence

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Subject:Late Night with PWNan O'Brien
Time:1:36 am.
Mood: good.

El Diablo is a saint. Trent Steele! Anyway, this update sucks. School is coming to an end and what a tragedy it is. I'm done music theory I got an 89 in the final, flippin' sah wheat. Tuesday for guitar class I have to play something in front of my class, I'm going with Benighted by Opeth, I think...or Sisters by Steve Vai which I only know the intro and alittle bit of the soloing for...I will probably just end up playing something from the top of my head. Sociology A.K.A. easiest class I ever had ends May 11th since it started later. I'll probabaly A that class. English is done too, I handed in my 16 page masterpiece on Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain, I learned something!) Acutally I knew that already. Friday, algebra probably the class i'm doing worst in since I never do anything for it but show up, hopefully I can pull off a B in this one. And there you have it, a school update folks. What else? I'm dying from allergies.
SRdubC was today, it was good. STMS and Atom put on the greatest match ever and I didn't do so bad with Moses, we pulled off a hurricurana without even spoting it out, just happened..fucken A gee bee gee dee flee ba do. Hulkster stopped by before his Backlash match too.. Took sweet ass sweet pics... http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=sjjdrvf.quimq4v&x=0&y=-ejr6g9 And two great vidz. I did pretty good with it this time :-D
I'm pretty happy at the moment, I need more fuckin' acutane!
Summer better kick ass.
Someone comment!
I still got it, bitches!

Terria fucking rules...

Summer's here, the sunlight greets the day
The winters gone, there's no more rain today...
And if I could, I'm sure that I would take your breath away
So ain't it funny how, after trying to find my way home
I'm in the middle now and I won't get lost again

Cause in the winter time, when everything is grey
And in the summer time, into the month of May
I get a feeling that it's all so temporary
And that's the feeling that can take my blues away

Tired of the way that I'm feeling everyday
And I feel it in my head...woo-hoo-hoo...
Tired of the way that I'm feeling everyday
And I feel it in my head now, my head now

It's beautiful, the way it's meant to be...beautiful, but it 'don't do shit' for me...
So peel away a little skin and choke upon the bone
And ain't it funny how, after trying to find my way home,
I'm in the middle now, and I won't get lost again.

But you don't know, how or when it's gonna go

You don't know.
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Monday, April 11th, 2005

Time:4:04 pm.
Mood: scared.
Majestic Nerd!
You scored 90% Dream Theater Nerd!
Congratulations. You know your stuff. MP salutes you!

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 73% on DT-nerdiness
Link: The Ultimate Dream Theater Nerd Test written by dreamryche on Ok Cupid

"The Ultimate Dream Theater Nerd Test, continued

You've answered 18 of 18, by the way"

WOW. I got 18 of 18...I'm such a prog metal nerd.
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Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Time:3:31 pm.
Mood: anxious.
I was looking at old SRWC pics because I am UBER (do people still use this word?) excited about next season.. And why didn't I think of this before. Good times... This sunday, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005

Time:1:16 am.
Mood: sleepy.
I saw Steve Vai tonight at The Troc and it was awesome! It was a shitty day but it stopped raining when it was time to go to the show. I waited in line all bored by myself surrounded by old people and once I went in I purchased a Passion and Warfare t-shirt that says "THAT STEVIE VAI, WHAT A NICE BOY!" from 'The Audience is Listening' on the back, pretty cool.

Eric Sardinas opened up for Vai and he kicked major ass. I never seen anyone play slide guitar like that and the fact that he plays a resonator is even more badass. He only played like 4 tunes. For the last song he went into the crowd and walked all the way back to the bar then back throuhg the crowd to the stage, he had a wireless of course...it was incredibly badass. When he got back on stage he played slide guitar with a Budweiser that was FULL and he was getting it all over himself and his guitar, it was soaked. I need to check him out, great player.

Next it is time for the almighty VAI. I've been wanting to see him for years and now it was time. He opened up with Glorious from his new cd which is good. The sound sucked at the troc but it got better as the show progressed. There isn't much to say about it, it was just typical Vai. Crazy antics and playing. The Breed (not HATEBREED!), Vai's band were great. Dave Weiner who is form Philly was good, I talked to him online before hes a great guitar player, Billy Sheenan was of course incredible. Tony McAlpine was good although he kept playing that impressive tap arpeggio riff over and over in his solos, i'm not complaining though. I never heard so many guitar solos in one song at this show then at any other full show i've been too, beside Dream Theater, isnt that great. Vai did an acoustic set and he played a little bit of "Sisters" which is awesome, probably my favorite Vai song up with Lotus Feet. He played that as well and it was incredible. Long ass set, 2 and a half hours. They encored with Liberty then the Zappa classic "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Momma" and finally Vai's best know tune "For The Love of God." Great show although it sucked be there by myself. :-(

I took pics, mostly crap some good ones. Looky here...

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Sunday, March 27th, 2005

Subject:Thank god BSB is touring again.
Time:2:12 am.
BSB or N'Sync you decide!Collapse )
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LiveJournal for Sean.

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